Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sethy is 2!!

Today is a very special day! Our grandson, Seth, is 2! What a blessing he is to us, from his hilarious laugh to his precious kisses and hugs! He makes our hearts so happy!! Here are a few pictures from his first 2 years, if you'll indulge me! :-) I had these in chronological order but Blogger decided to rearrange them!

Naptime with Daddy

Snuggle time with Gma!

This is one of my favorite videos of him!

Chomping on an apple

Exploring the grass

Playing at the park

Ready for church - so handsome!

New shoes and learning to walk!

So happy!

Baby Einstein! ;-)

Storytime with Mommy!

Snuggling with Papa!

Water play

Sharing Daddy's plate!

Toy Story jammies!

He loves cars!

Look at that grin!

What a cute little nut!!

One of his favorite things to do!

Another one of his favorite things to do - EAT! ;-)

What a stud!

Playtime at the park

Rides in the stroller are hard work! ;-)

He is now a big brother!

Not too sure!

First naptime together! So sweet!!

Papa holding Sethy for the first time!

And Sethy makes three!

Absolutely precious!


Me and Sethy on Mother's Day 2011

So much cuteness!!

Kisses for Papa!

1-year picture

Valentine's Day 2013

Hanging out with Uncle Gregory



Brenda said...

OMGosh, what a cutie!! Absolutely adorable pics, fun memories!! You sure have quite a cutie on your hands!!

Charlotte C said...

He is beautiful. What a fun age.